" de Sede" NEW EVENT at the company's headquarters in Klingnau - Switzerland

After the huge success of "de Sede" in Los Angeles, at the company's headquarters in Klingnau - Switzerland. 

Yesterday ended the three-day event dedicated to 'exposure of the new 2017 collection.

Monica Walser - CEO - "de Sede" 

The exhibition space was taken care of in the details of the Art Director "Ulrich Koessl", who presented the new collection of seating, armchairs, tables, chairs and accessories, in environments of unprecedented character, where every detail contributed to create a brand experience that has indelibly imprinted on visitor memory such as
sellers, industry professionals, clients and designers".

The space has highlighted the brands "de Sede", which is synonymous with excellence in this sector, always with a leading role in the continuous development of modern technology and tradition.
Even the sofa of Antonella Scarpitta designer has been exposed, and thanks to the movement of the "intelligent back", perfectly synthesizes the evolution of the technological, aesthetic and formal research of the "de Sede" company.

In the heart of the company you can visit the museum which exhibits the collection of historical "de Sede" products that have contributed to its international success.


All the Staff of "de Sede" Company

Paola e Giamario Mandrini con Patrizio Chiarparini

The evening ended for all guests and staff at the Park Hotel restaurant, celebrating the event's success, in a friendly and convivial atmosphere.

I had the great pleasure to be present at the event.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who recalled my contribution to the company's success with the DS7 model, also cited in the company's historic product collection.

                                                                                     Antonella Scarpitta 


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